NOTICE: This project is on hiatus and may not update for a while.
A Stage One to conquer the world of 2D tools for professionals.
This will eventually become a photoshop-like 2D-graphics editor. For now it's a 'simple' UI design tool.

You draw things like you do in photoshop, but there's also a UI engine that automatically fits stuff to screen size, wraps text etc. with css-like class behavior. So for now this is mainly for web, but will eventually be used for any kind of UI. (For example Cascade can edit its own UI live - hence the name)

It's not a standard wysiwig tool, however. The underlying UI code is not hidden from the designer. You can do both a quick prototype and a more finished layout. The visual tools are essentially a way to edit code faster. But at the same time visual editing is not constrained by the code. You're just drawing.

My primary goals as a programmer for this are:
- 3-5 hundred thousand engine objects on screen, without frame drops.
- Best in the world AA and font rendering.
- Also learn how to build and ship a quality product made from zero, and by end of it have knowledge and codebase for future stuff.

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